Tile Rod Saw
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Tile Rod Saw Tile Rod Saw
Tile Rod Saw Tile Rod Saw
Tile Rod Saw Tile Rod Saw


Tile Rod Saw

  • 16506


Product Description

Tile Rod Saw is primarily designed for cutting shapes in hard glazed wall and floor tiles and many other difficult to cut materials. The circular shaped Tungsten Carbide coated steel blade will allow cuts to be made in any direction and the deep frame allows improved cutting access when cutting shapes in large tiles.
The saw is also suitable for cutting soft metal, plastic, brick and other similar materials and easily cuts straight lines, curves and shapes. It is manufactured with a strong steel frame and is fitted with a generous sized comfortable soft-grip handle.
Blade length: 150mm
Blade thickness: 2.5mm
Cutting depth: 150mm

Depth of bow: 120mm

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